Computer Science 1

Email the following to Mr. Fornstrom at
1. Software you are using.
2. What are you trying to accomplish?
3. Description of problem. It might help to include a screen-shot showing the issue you have a question about.   Use ‘print screen’ from the keyboard. It will save the screen on the clipboard and you can use Ctrl-V to paste the picture into whatever your computer has for graphic editing. Save the picture and attach to your email.
4. What have you tried to this point?
5. Anything else that you think might would be helpful to understand the issue and the ideal solution.

Free Sprite Creation Tools:
– is a free on-line sprite editor
– Sprite Lab in Log-in, click ‘Create’ button in top right, choose ‘Sprite Lab’

Daily Class Agenda:  Check Schoology for daily agendas, notes, and assignments.
Google Classroom Join Code:
Period 1: 65fnpyr 
Period 4: nbdd52p


Reference Library:
Map Network Drive:
1. Open Windows File Explorer
2. Select This PC
3. On Main Menu, select Computer
4. Select Map Network Drive icon
5. Paste drive path from post in Folder: box
6. Uncheck:
– Reconnect at Sign-in
– Connect using different credentials
7. Click Finish button
8. Copy Project Folder into Dropbox on Mapped Drive.

JavaScript displayed in a web page:
1. Save the following file (rockPaperScissors.txt) into your Google Drive folder with a *.htlm extension.  rockPaperScissors.txt
2. Paste the JavaScript code in the location indicated by the code comments.  Make changes necessary to make your code work correctly.
3. Test the html file in a browser window.

rockPaperScissorsFornstrom.html example for Rock-Paper-Scissors –> save the files below to your Google Drive folder and test in a browser window.

New concepts needed to use JavaScript in a web page:
1. Javascript code should be placed in middle of:
// paste your code in here
2. document.write is used to write messages and variables into a web browser from JavaScript.